Home Inspection Pricing

Base Price                $200
+ Per Square Foot   $ .06
+ Crawlspace            $  50

Magnolia Home Inspections 

            of Savannah             

A home inspection is more than just another document for your real estate closing.  It's a peace of mind knowing your new home has been thoroughly examined by a professional home inspector with an extensive background in construction and home renovations.  

More Than just a Report

From the Owner

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I created Magnolia Home Inspections of Savannah as a natural transition from my existing business and previous experience.  With a background in restoration, remodeling, and demolition I have spent countless hours deconstructing and rebuilding homes from the foundation to the rooftop.  My home inspector "certification" was not a classroom course but a culmination of years of hands on experience (I did complete one to satisfy industry requirements!).  The home inspection process is one I enjoy and I look forward to the interaction with potential homeowners to help guide them in the purchase of a new home.